Providing market relevant mineral projects to finance your company

Want to List your Company Publicly?

We can guide you to directly list your company with our team of accountants and lawyers, OR, we can guide you to designated Capital Pool Companies listed and trading on the TSX that are created for situations like yours.

The process requires audited financials, and a proven track record of your company. There is no limitations to the type of business that can go public via this process, which involves the agreeing CPC, trading halted until the Reverse Takeover is approved by the TSX.

We are not affiliated with the TSX or any related companies or brokers or employees, but have a track record of success and can guide you efficiently and timely.

Our fee is a retainer of CDN$15,000 to start the process, and a finders fee agreed upon subject to the company Reverse Takeover being successful.

Contact for more information: 604-729-4188